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Whether you're seeking the perfect musical composition, vibrant sound design, top-notch audio post-production, or first class mixing, mastering, and music production, the team at Alpha Wave Audio Labs is here to elevate your creations to the level of excellence that they deserve.

We're multi-instrumentalists and can offer over 30 years of combined experience in audio recording and music production, editing, mixing, and mastering, as well as over a decade of experience in audio implementation, field recording, and 3D / spatial mixing techniques. We also work with several highly skilled vocalists who are available to produce top-level original vocal recordings and lyrics for your music, as well as voice-over narration and voice acting for films, animation, corporate presentations and video games.  


Joshua Baker is a veteran Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, and Composer who has shipped over 65 titles. He finds inspiration in taking on new musical styles and genres, directing VO actors and capturing the best take from each unique performer, and creating audio design that conveys specific emotional reactions. Josh enjoys the challenge of constantly improving upon his versatility and skills. 


Em Baker is an Award-Winning Composer and Sound Designer with a background in visual arts and narrative design. Her deep appreciation of the relationship between moving images and sound has driven her to continually push her creative boundaries and explore new musical and sound design techniques.

Jules Straw.jpg

Jules Straw has worked vocally on many projects, mostly on her solo work under the guise of Pinklogik. But also more recently on Wire & Wasteland, a collaborative project between herself and Em Baker (P'like). The musical genres she veers towards are mostly electronic pop and other more IDM/electronica styles.


  • Vocal range:  E3 to D5

  • Areas of Expertise: Lyrical Vocals, Melodic Vocals, Lyricist

  • Vocal Attributes: British Female Vocal Narration, Voice Acting

Justin Smith.jpg

Justin Smith is a passionate vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who finds inspiration for his music in the fabric of human emotion. He is always open to new challenges. Some of his musical influences include Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Rob Zombie, and Alice In Chains. 

  • Vocal Range:  Tenor, C3 to C5

  • Areas of Expertise:  Lyrical Vocals, Melodic Vocals, Lyricist

  • Vocal Attributes:  American Male Vocal Narration, Voice Acting


Dominique Finnegan is perhaps best known as the vocalist and producer behind her solo project Yellow Belly. Her evocative vocals create a haunting and intelligent audio experience delivered with fragility but always with her own signature poetic persistence. She is an experienced collaborator with over 5 years' experience working on an array of different vocal styles and genres

  • Vocal Range:  F3 to D5

  • Areas of Expertise:  Lyrical Vocals, Melodic Vocals, Lyricist

  • Vocal Attributes:  British Female Vocal Narration, Voice Acting

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Josh is a creative, talented, dependable, and dedicated audio designer.  He did the fantastic audio for our Moneyball series of games, with many of his sounds finding their way into subsequent, unrelated titles.  VO, music, sound design - he excels at all three.  

- Michael Smith - Audio Designer IV at EVERI Holdings

Ms. Baker creates musical work of exceptional vision and power. She weaves audio clips, musical passages, and textural sounds into a coherent, lush whole which moves and transforms the listener. Listening to her music, I often think she hears the things that no one hears -- nighttime whispers, silent prayers, the language of expression -- and finds a way to make them audible.

- Valerie Polichar - Director of Academic Technology Services at University of California, San Diego

Joshua is very knowledgeable in music, sound design, and video game development. He helped out immensely with sound design and VO processing and implementation on our projects at Sony Online Entertainment.

- Chad Mossholder - Audio Director at id Software

Em is an incredibly talented and passionate sound designer, with a huge capacity for creativity. Em is always ready to start working on new challenges and is exceptionally adaptable to feedback. Working with Em is both enjoyable and inspiring.

- Alice Winter - Game Designer at Playground Games

We had been recording for years on our own and we felt we had reached the end of what we could do in our basement studio.

So we decided to look for some professionals. That is when we found Alpha Wave Audio Labs to help us with our mixing and mastering. 

From the beginning of the process they were super helpful and professional. They definitely were interested in finding out what we wanted from our recordings and how we wanted them to sound.

Throughout the work on our songs they were very communicative and made sure to get every part of our project perfect! 

In the end, we couldn't be happier with how our music turned out with their help! We felt we had done pretty well mixing and mastering on our own and had put hours and hours into it, but it was astounding to see what the professionals at Alpha Wave Audio Labs could do. The end result was an album that had the production quality of a big name band. They are truly audio wizards!

- Thaddeus Zimanski - Last Snow Band

I worked with Josh for the past five years as part of the audio team at EVERI.   He was always quick to offer his assistance to the other audio designers and could always be counted on to be do a great job.  His ability to create awesome sound effects along with his music composition skills brought life to our games.   Many of Josh’s projects were among our most popular titles.

- Carolyn Fazio - Audio Designer IV at EVERI

Em Baker is a phenomenal musician, designer and composer, we worked together for a number of years. She is an inspiring team player whose creative skill went above and beyond what we expected! 

- Melinda Maria Lack - Company Owner at Melinda Maria Digital Art and Post Production Consultant for Nielsen

During my working relationship with Josh over the past 10 years, I have experienced him as a highly motivated, hard-working individual who consistently produces great work to ensure great audio experience in his projects. Josh is always available to help where needed. He is consistently professional, has a great sense of humor and is easy going and fun to work with. I strongly believe that Josh will be a great addition to your company and will certainly exceed expectations in this role. 

- Russel Porter - Audio Designer IV at Everi Holdings

Josh was a breeze to work with during my time at Everi. He never failed to deliver on his work, be it turning audio around at a breakneck pace or adjusting to feedback on the fly. He was just as dependable in the difficult times as he was the normal day-to-day. If I got a chance to work with him again, I would.

- Leoric Rodriguez - Producer at Dimensional Ink Games

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